Main Restaurant & Salettl


Main Restaurant

A Romantic candlelight dinner for two or an exciting Party with energetic friends – Buchscharner Seewirt is as varied as its guests.

The rooms on the first floor, are decorated in an original way with bunches of Hops hanging from the rafters, and are as suitable for your Family Party as they are for Business  Celebrations.

The balcony offers a great place to watch the sun setting over the Lake.

Sometimes Buchscharner Seewirt organises special Highlights: The Swiss Cheese Fondue, from Maitre Heinrich Gottwald for example, is one of the Highlights of our culinary year.

Watch out for our Programme advertising and if you decide to go out for a meal, whether just the two of you or with friends, we are always happy to reserve a table for you.


A comfortable small seperate building (with a roofed veranda) in which one can enjoy a meal or a Buffett & celebrate with ones family & friends in an intimate setting. One can put the tables together for one long table arrangement or have the tables in small groups of 8 or 10 people. There is enough room for up to 45 persons.

The atmosphere in the “Salettl” can be very personal & comfortable, not just at the warmer time of the year. If someone needs some fresh air inbetween eating and drinking, the Veranda is a good place to relax with the wonderful view over the lake and maybe a beautiful sunset…..

Salettl = small house next door to main building.

  • Can accomadate up to 45 people
  • Has the possibility for a long table as well as the normal table set up
  • Veranda – for welcoming guests with a glass of sparkling wine, for dancing, or for that cigarette break. The Veranda can be heated with portable standing Gas Radiators.