Our Menu

Upscale rural cuisine with seasonal delicacies.

Whether traditional dishes from grandmother’s times or modern epicurean refinements, all dishes of our kitchen have one thing in common – we use only selected natural products of the best quality, preferably from the region. Currently we recommend:

  • Game specialties
    We obtain our meat from hunters and hunting associations who still cut the game themselves and with whom we have been working for years in a trusting relationship.
  • Geese and ducks
    Traditional dishes prepared with love.
  • Fish specialties
    Fresh fish, preferably from Lake Starnberg and local waters.
  • Vegetarian and vegan dishes
    Homemade potato and pasta products and fresh vegetables from the region.

On our menu you will find half-forgotten dishes from old times as well as typical Bavarian classics and modern compositions – all lovingly prepared and served fresh. Best ingredients are the basis for our upscale rural cuisine. You can taste the good origin especially with the pork, from which our cooks prepare fine dishes. With beef, too, we uncompromisingly rely on the best quality, for example through pasture-raised oxen from the Alpine region.

Where and how would you like to enjoy our cuisine?

To-go service

All food and drinks can also be ordered from us on site. For consumption around the Buchscharner Seewirt – on the water or at one of the tables in the outdoor area – you will receive plates, cutlery and glasses from us for a deposit.


If you want to enjoy our food and drinks at home, we can give them to you in Pfanderln for easy warming and in suitable transport containers.

Delivery service

We also offer a delivery service to your home. Call us and tell us your wishes: +49 (0) 8801 – 2409.