Our Menu

Our Menu

High standard of rural cuisine using local products of the season, in delicious recipes

Having the best ingedrients are the basis to ensure the good standard and good quality for our high class menu.

Whether traditional recipes from Grandmothers era or modern day sumptious refined dishes, one thing is always the same – we only use specially chosen and high quality ingredients from our own region. The fish are from Lake Starnberg and the Venison from our local forests. Our Venison is obtained from local hunters & Hunting organisations, who prepare the meat for us themselves. We have a trustworthy long term relationship with these people.

Our beef products are also of the best quality we can buy, for example the meat comes from oxen which have only known life outside on the open meadows of the lower Alps. One can taste the good quality of our Pork which our Chefs use to make tasty special dishes. Having the best ingredients is the basis to ensure we keep up the good standard & good quality for our high class Menu.

You will find dishes from a by-gone age that have almost been forgotten, as well as typical classical Bavarian favourites and modern creations, all are carefully prepared and freshly served.

On request you receive the current menu as a PDF file.